The O'Brien sisters work tirelessly to support breast health programs
in honor of their mother.

The O’Brien sisters - Anne, Megan, Bridget, Katie, and Sarah - know the pain of loss all too well. In 1990, the girls lost their mother Tyanna Barre O’Brien to breast cancer. She was just 48. They were still teenagers.

Today, they honor Tyanna’s legacy by fundraising in her honor. Spanning the east coast in cities where the sisters now live, the sisters raise gifts through the annual BreastFest event and other efforts to support moms, and dads, daughters and sons, sisters and brother s - all family members affected by cancer.

At Virtua, the O’Brien sisters have created a legacy with the Tyanna Barre O’Brien Breast Care Comfort Fund.

“Our goal is patient care and Virtua Foundation has taken the time to create programs that we can really get behind,” said Sara O’Brien. “They are willing to work with us to make sure the funds we raise are allotted to the programs we believe in.”

The Tyanna Barre O’Brien Breast Care Comfort Fund is about education, early detection, comfort and compassion. It supports life-saving genetic counseling for people who are at a higher risk. It buys wigs, scarves and medical sleeves for patients who can’t afford these comfort items. If someone needs help getting to an appointment, the Breast Care Comfort Fund is there to help.

“Unfortunately, many families will face cancer here. But with the O’Brien sisters’ passionate support of education and early detection, many have a better chance of survival,” said Christina Mattison, senior vice president, Virtua Foundation. “Their gifts ensure patients go through the journey with extra comfort and compassion.”

Since 2009, The Tyanna Foundation has made gifts totalling more than $180,600 to support breast cancer patients at Virtua. In 2012, the Tyanna Foundation made a leadership gift to Virtua Foundation to create and sustain the Breast Care Comfort Fund which supports patients battling cancer. In recognition of their gift, we dedicated the Virtua Voorhees Women’s Health Unit in memory of Tyanna Barre O’Brien at on April 11, 2013.

Through the Tyanna Barre O’Brien Breast Care Comfort Fund, Virtua Foundation is honored to support patients and families in need. If you are a breast cancer patient at Virtua and are in need of assistance, please ask your healthcare provider about the Breast Care Comfort Fund.

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