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Physician Partners in Philanthropy Virtua’s physician partners provide world-class care for the families of South Jersey who choose Virtua more than any other healthcare provider. The healthcare needs of our community are ever changing, and Virtua is proud to successfully meet those needs, thanks in great part to our physician partners in philanthropy.

Our physician partners share the vision of the patient-centric model of healthcare delivery and the collaborative approach among care teams to consistently deliver compassionate, efficient and high quality patient care. A key component of this vision is ongoing education and professional development.

Below are some of the programs funded in part thanks to the commitment of Virtua Foundation’s Physician Partners in Philathropy:

The Learning Lab at the Virtua Voorhees

Generous leadership gifts from West Jersey Medical Staff, Team Health East, and West Jersey Anesthesia Associates have supported the Learning Lab at the Virtua Voorhees campus. Available to all Virtua employees, the Learning Lab provides an environment that supports hands-on, collaborative training. Simulation is an immersive learning experience that creates competence and confidence, and has been shown to improve communication among clinicians.

Through the use of simulation, Virtua will further integrate multi-professional and multi-disciplinary education, skill development and assessment, enhancing our already strong culture of patient safety.


Also supporting this culture of patient safety and the highest quality patient experience is the use of technology to enhance diagnosis and delivery of care. West Jersey Anesthesia Associates’ generosity enabled Virtua Voorhees to purchase capnography medical equipment that directly impacts patient care.

Capnography provides a rapid and reliable method to detect life-threatening conditions and is increasingly being used by EMS personnel to aid in their assessment and treatment of patients in the pre-hospital environment.

Lung Cancer Screening at Virtua

It’s often difficult to detect lung cancer in the early stages; lung cancer does not present telltale symptoms until it’s too late for many. A new lung cancer screening program at Virtua helps patients at risk by finding tumors earlier and providing the opportunity for more effective treatment.

In 2013, Virtua Garden State Pulmonary Associates, a Virtua Foundation Physician Partner in Philanthropy, made a gift of $102,500 to support the lung cancer screening program.

The screening is done with low-dose CT imaging, non-invasive technology that provides a more detailed view of the lungs and the ability to detect disease at an earlier stage than x-rays.

The Virtua Laboratory

Diagnostic Pathology Consultants has focused its leadership gift on equipment and technological resources for the Virtua Laboratory. The Virtua Lab produces vital information for effective healthcare delivery, playing a crucial role in the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Decision support software technology

South Jersey Radiology Associates recognized the need to tailor diagnostic testing to individual patient’s needs and their philanthropic support will assist in the acquisition of decision support software technology. This technology will aid physicians with ordering appropriately matched imaging testing for individual patients, minimizing testing and excess radiation.


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