The Patient Care Fund

Providing extra care and comfort when patients need it most

This important program goes a long way in making sure recovery is not slowed down at home for a lack of resources.

Imagine a new mother whose baby, born premature and facing health challenges, is admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Virtua Voorhees. Her worries worsen knowing that once she is discharged she will not be able to afford the gas needed to visit her newborn each day. The physical and emotional implications are detrimental to both mom and baby.

This family received help because of the generosity of Virtua Foundation donors. 

Virtua Foundation relied on the Patient Care Fund to give this new mom a gas card so she could make the drive to the NICU every day until her child was strong enough to go home. Support of the Patient Care Fund helps us cover the cost of some perscriptions, provide car seats to a newborn baby’s family, offer items of comfort to women battling cancer at Virtua, and provide peace of mind as families know Virtua Foundation is here to help, no matter what circumstances they face.

All contributions to the Patient Care Fund make a difference.

“There are a lot of patients, especially now in this economy, that are in difficult situations and don’t have the means to provide necessary things for themselves or their loved ones,” explains Geraldine McCloskey, Manager of Patient Relations and Pastoral Care at Virtua Voorhees.

It’s often the nurses and clinical staff who first recognize when a patient is in need of more than just acute medical care. And now, thanks to the Patient Care Fund, they don’t have to meet those needs alone.

Perhaps most significant to the recovery process is providing patients with essential prescriptions they cannot afford. McCloskey sees this as the fastest growing need the Patient Care Fund can meet for families. Without the proper medications, someone battling an illness or injury is almost certain to end up back in the hospital.

"This allows us to know that we are discharging patients safely, and that they have what they need to take care of themselves at home and stay home," says McCloskey. "We can work out a plan so patients have what they need before they leave us."

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