Marvin Samson

Family Foundation:

A Transformational Gift

Marvin Samson knows medicine. As a high school student in Philadelphia during the 1950s, his first job was a drug store clerk, where he earned 50 cents an hour and occasional tips for delivering prescriptions. After graduation, he studied chemistry at Temple University at night, while working by day at Garde Drug Co., a small firm that developed non-branded versions of leading over-the-counter brand medications.

These early experiences would set the stage for Samson to become a leading generic drug entrepreneur with a powerful passion for supporting advances in health care throughout the country and especially in his own community.

In 2012, through his Marvin Samson Family Foundation, he made a transformational unrestricted gift, allowing Virtua Foundation to support the greatest area of need within the Virtua system.

The funds are being use to establish a state-of-the art centralized medication distribution service, giving all four Virtua hospitals the safest, most efficient medication management system available. In 2013, upgrades to the system began with the purchase of state-of-the-art robots to fill intravenous dosages.

But because Samson’s true passion is to support children and ensure a better future for young people in our communities, Virtua Foundation chose to recognize his gift by naming the Pediatrics and Pediatric Intensive Care units at Virtua Voorhees in his honor.

“I do not see my investment as one of bricks and mortar. It’s more far reaching. I invest in people,” said Samson. “Perhaps one of the kids we help here at Virtua will discover a novel cure for cancer, will find a renewable energy source, create beautiful art or music, write great fiction or raise amazing children who lead our country into the future.”

Over the past decades, Samson has started two generic companies, each of which employed more than 200 people in the South Jersey area, served as Chief Executive Officer of several other companies. Mr. Samson is currently the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Interim President of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and Chief Executive Officer of Samson Medical Technologies in Cherry Hill. He has earned great fortune and has always shared it with others.

“It is truly a remarkable gift when a member of our community believes so strongly in what we do here at Virtua that he sets an example with his generosity,” said Rose McManus Coleman, vice president, Virtua Foundation. “Mr. Samson’s support and advocacy for Virtua goes a long, long way in our community. Having the Samson family and the Virtua family join in such a meaningful partnership will allow us to accomplish truly great things together.”

System Upgrades Mean More Patient-Pharmacist Interaction

Patients at all four Virtua hospitals now have greater access to Virtua pharmacists, thanks to enhancements made in the centralized medication distribution system here.

A gift from the Marvin Samson Family Foundation helped purchase robots that fill intravenous dosages for patients at Virtua’s four hospitals. These robots provide a better level of accuracy and a more sterile approach, while allowing the pharmacists to round with patients more frequently.

“A lot of the pharmacists’ time now is spent on drug preparation,” explains Roberta Barber, assistant vice president of pharmacy for Virtua. “This allows us the ability to focus more on the patient and spend more time at the bedside.”

Seeing a pharmacist while an inpatient is a great benefit to patients and family members who assist with care, allowing them to understand their prescriptions, and how to take them.

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