Virtua Health Gratitude Honorees

We are pleased to recognize the following individuals and teams who have been honored by our patients and their families with a gift of gratitude.

2020 Honorees


Joseph Abat, RN
Reginald J. Blaber, MD
Geoffrey Bowers, MD
Andrew G. Cohen, MD
Anthony DeFrancisco
Thomas M. Galski, DO
Annette Gubernick
William J. Holaday, MD
Rajesh K. Jain, MD
Beth Juliano
Michele Legenski, RN
Melissa M. Lestini, MD
Robert A. Linden, MD
John J. Litz, Jr., MD
Daniel Margulis
Arthur Martella, MD
Marny Matricardi, RN
James Myers
Dawn Oder
AnneMarie Palatnik, DNP
Maria Pinardo
Thomas Repici
Kwan Rivlin, MD
Marc Sano
Paul Sarnese
David R. Schlessel, MD
Samantha Sherman, RN
Robert A. Singer, MD
Tessa M. Sosa
Chas Thawley
Paul C. Thur, MD
Jessica Turner
John Tyrrell, RN
Neha Vagadia, DO
Ramneet Wadehra, DO
Lauren West, RN
Sivaraman Yegya-Raman, MD


Virtua Marlton Hospital – 4S
Virtua Memorial Hospital – 3NE
Virtua Memorial Hospital – 4N
Virtua Voorhees Hospital – 4A
Virtua Voorhees Hospital – 6B
Virtua Voorhees Hospital – ICU
Virtua Voorhees Hospital – Labor & Delivery
Virtua Voorhees Hospital – NICU
Virtua Voorhees Hospital – PCU

Make a Gift of Gratitude

If you would like to make a gift in honor of a Virtua Health caregiver or team, click here, or contact us at 856-355-0830 or to speak with a member of our philanthropy team.